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Department Contact Information

Bakersfield City School District
1300 Baker Street
Bakersfield, CA 93305
Name: Brenda Robinson
Title: Director of Nutrition Services
Phone: (661) 631-4733

Name: Jeanette Casalman
Title: Nutrition Services Supervisor
Phone: 661-631-4740

Name: Michelle Dominges
Title: Nutrition Services Trainer
Phone: 661-631-4734

Name: Alice Murch
Title: Administrative Secretary
Phone: 661-631-4734

Name: Shairay McDaniel
Title: Clerk VI-Applications/Nutritionals
Phone: 661-631-4735

Name: Mayra Hinojosa
Title: Clerk IV- Account Information/Applications
Phone: 661-631-4737

Name: Loretta Woods
Title: Nutrition Assistant V - Applications/Account Information
Phone: 661-631-4837

Name: Lisa Fabrie
Title: Clerk VIII - Food Orders
Phone: 661-631-4738

Name: Deborah McAndrew
Title: Clerk VI - Inventory/Repairs
Phone: 661-631-4739

Join Our Team!

Looking for a Part-Time or On-Call job that allows you to be at home when your family needs you there? Join our team in a School Cafeteria. Please call (661) 631-4876 for more information!

To apply for one of our open positions, follow the directions for our on-line application or come to our Human Resource office located at the Bakersfield City School District, 1300 Baker Street, Bakersfield, CA 93305.

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